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- 2010. the iTranslate4 project has been selected for funding by the European Commission.

- 2009. SkyCode entered a consortium created to submit the EU-co-funded iTranslate4 project.

- 2008. Further improvements to the MT engine and the semantic evaluation engine have been made. SkyCode started a co-operation with the Hungarian company Morphologic to allow Hungarian-Bulgarian translation using English as interlingua.

- 2007. WebTrance 3 was released. The new version allows translation between English, Bulgarian, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

- 2006. WebTrance 2.5 was released based on the new MT Engine. The new engine relies on Princeton Wordnet as a base for its universal dictionary and semantic evaluation algorithms. SkyCode began co-operation with the UK-based company iSoSec Ltd.

- 2005. SkyCode began a complete renovation of WebTrance MT Engine. The new engine is expected to deliver better translations as well as to translate to and from other languages.

- 2004. WebTrance 2.0 was released. SkyNews 2004 CMS was released. Multiple improvements of WebTrance were also released.

- 2003. The Bulbank Diva partnership continued. Multiple improvements of WebTrance were released. A cooperation agreement was signed with the UK-based iSec Consulting Ltd. for development of Security frameworks, modules and products.

- 2002. SkyCode Ltd. became a consulting partner of Bulbank on its Diva project for renovation of the core banking information system. SkyCode WebTrance 1.0 Machine translation software was released.

- 2000. SkyCode Ltd. initiated steps to develop a machine translation system from English to Bulgarian.

- 2001. A pilot MQ-Series module was developed for Bulbank, one of the biggest Bulgarian commercial banks. WebTrance web site was created, allowing online automated translation from English to Bulgarian.

- 1999. SkyCode Ltd. developed the website of one of its big clients, "Sega" Daily, -- www.segabg.com. The site features complete integration with the SkyNews CMS used by the client, and introduced a revolutionary way of integrating readers' comments with the newspaper articles.

- 1998. The company has set up daily-updated hardware-related web site. SkyNews CMS extension was created for the purpose of automated web export.

- 1997. The company started development of Internet oriented solutions. In mid-1997, a cooperation was signed between local Steinberg representative and SkyCode, for deploying complete audio production solutions. SkyNews CMS was installed in the biggest two Bulgarian newspapers - Trud and 24 hours

- 1996. SkyCode sold many complete solutions (software, hardware and network equipment) in different areas, such as pre-press, advertising, newspapers, radio broadcasting, production, etc. SkyNews document management system for daily and weekly newspapers was set up in Banker Weekly and Sega Daily newspapers. SkyMusic Library (music scheduling software) was set up in Express and 99 radio stations.

- 1995. The company entered the PC-assembling business with three brand trademarks, SkyLine - price-oriented solutions for entry-level and small (home) offices, SkyForce - computers for powerful corporate solutions and SkyPower for high-end workstations and servers.

- 1994. SkyCode Ltd. was established in Sofia, Bulgaria. Initially the company developed software on demand for corporate clients, such as many local radio stations, as well as some foreign companies. At the end of 1994, SkyCode also provided services such as advanced LAN administration and consulting in the IT-area.

Some of our clients are:

Vitosha, Express, FM radio stations, CityStil, Graffitti audio studio, FRAM international, Japan International Agency, Aqua Storm Ltd., Virgina Records (Universal/Polygram), Geophysics Institute, Demir Bank, National Charity Fund, 13th century Bulgaria, Sunny Films, Bon Marine Ltd, MMArt, National Statistics Institute, Trud Daily, Banker Weekly, SEGA Daily, Darik, 99 radio station, Access-GL, Aiko, Channel-Com radio station, Metropolis magazine, BMM Ltd, Medipharma, Di Day 96, Technika, BalkanTourist, Ara audio studio, Clipper, Autookazion newspaper, BBSS, KPMG, BulBank, BioTeam, VAZ - Bulgaria, WizCom, Doverie Investment Fund, Elana, Energoremont, Escort, Klokner - Metal, Metalsnab, Mix Express, National Art Academy, Sofia University, New Bulgarian University, Ministry Of Internal Affairs, German economic representative office in Bulgaria, Specter Net, Centrum Group.

SkyCode also participated in 1999 legalization campaign, held by Microsoft, Novell, Adobe, AutoDesk and Corel.